Whenever I mention “set”, I’m referring to the method of using a setting powder and not setting spray. Since this guide is purely focused on the process to apply setting powder after foundation we will leave setting spray for another time. Without further ado, let us get started.

So, What is Setting Powder and Why do you need it?

I bet you would find setting powder in there if you got into your bag right now. Right? There are so many reasons to apply setting powder after foundation. No one likes to look greasy while everyone wants to glow and look shiny, and setting powder is a great option to achieve that.

To keep your makeup in place, setting powder is highly recommended so it does not slide off before the end of the day.

Setting powder is additionally an excellent base upon that to use contour, blush, shimmer or bronzer.

Right now, my go-to powder is by Kylie Cosmetics Loose Setting Powder and it makes it way much easier to keep my makeup in place.

Okay, How do you apply it?

I will be showing you the best ways to apply setting powder to your face. To apply the setting powder on top of the foundation start by choosing two makeup brushes one should be fluffy with dense bristles and a kabuki brush.

  apply setting powder

Apply setting powder

STEP 1 – First apply your preferred SPF, primer, concealer an foundation.

STEP 2 – Take some powder into the container and dip your big fluffy brush into it. Remove any excess by gently tapping.

STEP 3 – Apply to your face, starting from the center and moving in circles towards the outside. Make sure you gently apply the setting powder under the eye to prevent any harm in the eye.

STEP 4 – Now take your kabuki brush and start blending the powder. This will make sure you get that perfect matte finish look even in your pictures.

how to use setting powder
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STEP 5 – Shazaam! Lovable matte finish in simple steps.

setting powder finish
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Tip: You can also apply your favorite bronzer, blush, and highlighter on top.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more such guides.