Top 8 Tips to Get Glowing Skin Naturally at Home in 2019

Hello, baes it’s your girl scarlet and today I am going to share some of my essential tips by which you can have healthy glowing skin naturally.

Most of the people think fair skin is beautiful irrespective of its texture. It does not matter you are fair or dark, what all matter is your skin’s health. It should be healthy and healthy skin glows. For having glowing skin naturally, you would not need to buy expensive skin care products, luxury facials, and other expensive treatments. I will share with you some essential tips to get it done using easy methods.

glowing skin naturally

Top 10 Tips to Get Glowing Skin Naturally at Home in 2019

1. Sleeping 8 hours a day: It is very important, else dark circles below the eyes will start appearing gradually.

2. Drinking 12–14 glass of water daily: I don’t forget to drink water routinely whenever I can. Water keeps the metabolism in perfect shape.

3. Not taking much of stress: I try to avoid unnecessary stress. Having excess stress every day brings those wrinkles that will appear on the face too.

4. Washing face twice in day time & once before you sleep.

5. Sunscreen: I have a habit of using a good quality Sunscreen while going out in the Sun.

6. Green Tea: The benefits of green tea is well known. I drink at least a cup of green tea every day. Sometimes, I also apply little warm green tea on my face and wash after 30 minutes.

7. Aloe Vera: I apply Aloe Vera gel in the night. Aloe Vera is good in all ways. I sometimes eat Aloe Vera flesh in an empty stomach.

8. Lemon Peels: Lemon peels are very beneficial and clean the skin very well. I sometimes rub them on my face and hands before tossing it out and clean after 15 minutes.

9. Exercise: In general, Exercises keep us fit and active. I do Upside-down as this circulates the blood back to head and face.

10. Taking steam on the face every month: Taking steam on face opens up the pores of the skin and removing out the extra oils.

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