Foundation for Dry Skin
Hey, everybody, it’s your girl Scarlett and thanks for reading this article. Today I’m going to be talking about good foundations for dry skin that are generating quite a buzz in the market.
Now, this is coming from a person with insanely dry skin. I live in a very dry climate and just naturally have the driest skin on the planet.


I also wanted to let you know that some of these products are based on my own experience. But, of course, you guys could have a different experience. I think some are better than the ones that I show but
these are just the ones that worked for me.

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good foundation for dry skin

The luminous sheer foundation gives you a natural and light look. One of the foundations which are comfortable to wear and is free from any harmful chemicals.


2. 100% Pure Foundation

good foundation for dry skin


One of the best pure, organic and all-natural line of cosmetics. The beauty and skin care products have high-performing antioxidants, vitamins, and essential oils. Which is hard to find in the market Right?


3. RMS Beauty Foundation

good foundation for dry skin


The winner of countless Best of Beauty awards, RMS beauty foundations are made from raw food grade and organic materials. The products have rich hydrating and illuminating skin properties which improves the overall skin complexion.


4. Juice Beauty Foundation

good foundation for dry skin


Juice beauty has some unique plant pigmented cosmetic products that are most preferred by vegans. It reduces breakouts, unclogs pores and enhances skin tone. Organic fruit acids and willow bark that contains natural salicylic acid which revives dull skin and gives a healthy clear complexion.


5. Real Purity Foundation 

good foundation for dry skin


Real Purity had the first “mineral make-up” on the market. It covers beautifully and is light, leaving your skin even toned & glowing. It also has added sun protection with the minerals used for color. It’s pure water based, so it will not clog pores, all skin types can use it successfully.


So we hope you liked our article. Please share your thoughts, ideas, suggestions etc with us.

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