oscars nominations 2019

The 2019 Oscars is one for the history books. There’s a lot of close races for the big win with huge amounts of controversy and a great variety among the candidates. Oscars nominations 2019 are quite unique with the superhit Black Panter, A Star is Born and Roma among them.

Make sure you read this article until the end to see why this year’s Oscars is the year of firsts.


1. Diversity

oscars nominations 2019



Many of this year’s nominations like Roma and Black Panther have transformed the 2019 Oscars into the most diverse occasion in the show’s 91-year history. Roma represents the story of Alfonso cuarón’s youth in Mexico city amid the 1970s. The movie scored ten nominations which include Best Film and Best Director.


On the other hand, the film Black Panther includes a prevalently dark cast which includes the lead hero Black Panther played by Chadwick Boseman. The movie apparently is the highest grossing in the Box Office collection.


2. Super Heroes

oscars nominations 2019


Superheroes are reigning supreme at 2019 Oscars. It didn’t happen sooner yet believe it or not Black Panther was the first superhero movie nominated for Best Picture. Even top movies like Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight didn’t make the cut. But in all fairness, Heath Ledger did win an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his intense portrayal of the Joker.


3. Double Oscars Nominee

oscars nominations 2019


Lady Gaga is known for her one of a kind looks that shows extra time she has put into redefining herself. As a result, she ended up earning herself an Oscar nomination this year for her performance in a remake of a ‘star is born’. Which earned her nomination for Best Actress and Best Original Song for the tune shallow.


4. Commercial break Fiasco

oscars nominations 2019


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences came under fire after they announced that some awards would be presented during the commercial breaks. Clearly, this didn’t sit well with the public who currently are beginning to think that they don’t appear to care much about these categories.


5. Streamer Nominations

oscars nominations 2019


As most of us know when it comes to streaming services like Netflix films. Their television shows used to slip under the Academy’s radar but 2019 is a year of change and streaming films are no longer the black sheep of Hollywood. By 2017 Amazon’s Manchester by the sea and Netflix as the white helmets had won their status.

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