oscars snubs 2019

Oscars Snubs 2019: The Academy Awards went down presenting awards to the best of the best in filmmaking. However, when there were winners there are always losers and some of those losers were very unexpected. The folks over on Twitter took no time to call out snubbed when they saw it.

So today we will list down the three absolute biggest Oscars Snubs 2019.

1. Emma Stone – The Favourite

oscars snubs 2019

Emma Stone the first of our stars from the favorite plays Abigail a former aristocrat becomes a servant to the frail Queen Anne in eighteenth-century England. During her frail state, her confidant Lady Sarah governs the state in her stead. With the arrival of Abigail, tensions begin to arise between the Queen and her suitors. It one of the best films of 2018 but it is also one of my favorite unexpected LGBTQ films.

2. Avengers Infinity War – Visual Effects

oscars snubs 2019

This one enraged me and a lot of people over on the internet. It missed out on VFX and instead went on to First Man. A great film but not the one that deserved to win. Avengers infinity war most likely should have taken home the prize and people couldn’t agree more. The VFX was pivotal and faultless demonstrating to us what’s possible in the realm of filmmaking with headways in innovation.

3. First Man – Sound Design

oscars snubs 2019

First Man was an incredible film but surprisingly went under the radar at this year’s Oscars. The one thing First Man truly excelled in was sound design and editing. By delivering moments that had audience wheezing and feel like they couldn’t exactly breathe. Thus making extreme moments of delayed silence as astronaut strolled on the surface of the Moon.

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